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The Final Awaits AFC U23 Championship

Best of luck for my country U23 national football team. It's been along time since we finally got something to dream about. 

Today we defeated Qatar and make it to The Final of the AFC U23 Championship. Many people can't believe what happened. We got some disadvantages with the referees and had to chase the opponent teams from behind, we fought a full 240 mins since the group stage and we still make it. Honestly if it's the old team, they will just give up right away like always. It reminds me exactly how Portugal became the champion in Euro 2016. They also were about to be eliminated in the group stage then won with penalty time. Many people say they are undeserved the title but I think it's just show how amazing their wills are. I didn't expect to see that happens with my national team, it's like the legend comes here for a visit. It's a miracle.

Now all eyes in the country are looking forward to this Saturday. You can check the link below to see the results:
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