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The Cheat Script[April 10 2022]
The Cheat Script was first created in January 2018 by ColonelRVH almost a year after the incident at FearlessRevolution Forum which he got demoted from managing staff, left and started going solo.

Some might recognized ColonelRVH's works have great influence from Shinkansen as he had carefully observed and learnt from. His first big cheat table released for an AAA game was Tales of Berseria. It was well received by the community that he started the offline game hacking hobby and release cheat tables more frequently while working on his real life job. Currently (April 2022) there are ~700 games and more than 1000 tables shared mostly free.

Patreon and The Cheat Script started at first as a Paid service for selected few tables and features. But slowly changed to Early Access premium then completely Free for new tables since May 2020. Patreon now just acts as a donation box for those who want to support & keep the site going.

It took several years for the long tail to take effect since the site is mostly known for large number of niche-game cheat tables, instead of more common high quality & features heavy like most other. The giant leap finally happened in the late August 2021 when Rake from GuidedHacking (GH) reached out to ColonelRVH through Patreon. The deal was to features cheat tables on GH with official approval, and no other requirement. It was a huge help financially as the economy of his household didn't look so bright.

Then early Feb 2022 Zach contacted ColonelRVH offered him to join WeMod full time focusing on making trainers for them. The transition was very rough in the first month working on 3 things as the same time, helping his former employer to give him time finding new staff, then WeMod and The Cheat Script. After all these years it get very hard to abandon the site and the supporters to focus on WeMod. So he hired Sepp & YuiAstin working part time just as he was to keep the site going.

---and The Cheat Script journey continues---

As you can see, The Cheat Script was never intended to be a competitor to anyone. It would be arrogant to think so knowing there's a lot more talented people around. It exists solely to provide cheat tables that is clean, clear and no virus for people that just want to enjoy the game a lot more. Feel the power and richness from the game or just don't have time to do its grinding. Also they can look into and learn making one just as ColonelRVH learned from Shinkansen years ago.

Note from ColonelRVH:
I want to give my thanks to those who have been sticking with me and the site without demands. I'm blessed to have your support considering the general trait of game cheat community. I generally don't talk much being an introvert, the were several occasions that I worry the supporters will leave me since I made no attempt to talk to them. Here's the honor list which will be updated as time goes on.

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And to all current patrons as well as those who just made donation one or few times and moved on. Thank you.
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