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Last day World Cup 2018

"This year tournament is the death of beautiful football."

Finally it's coming to an end, so fast. Too bad England couldn't make it to the Final. I wanted to write something about them in a good way but I couldn't. The last match is just pathetic. They didn't come out with their full might and totally deserved the lost.

Really man? I thought you could be the next Ronaldo de lima but this is a disgrace

All eyes now looking forward to the underrated dark horses Croatia making history. I stopped cheering France after their ugly display especially from Mbappe, however Croatia is no exception. This year tournament is the death of beautiful football. Hopefully in the future someone will appear and show us again how football should be.

For now I will just enjoy this last match as a neutral fan. 

Good luck out there boys, make your own history.
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