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Sad day for World Cup 2018

We will never see this again...

So both Messi and Ronaldo are out. I will miss Ronaldo, the guy deserves a trophy for the World Cup after all his hard works. I didn't like CR7 at first, but then I was curious why the super star never got any tattoos like his counterpart. After I found out that you couldn't donate blood if you have any tattoos, I couldn't help but admire him. I used to hate his arrogance attitude but it's just because he works harder than anybody else, his competitive mind drives him forward to something great.

I've been a fan of Ronaldo de Lima even though he beat my favorite team in 2002 Final

There's only one Ronaldo (de Lima) was what I used to think, but now Ronaldo will remains as one of the greatest players in my heart.

This World Cup is sad seeing my favorite team Germany out so soon, but they deserves it.
Muller please, come back, get a hold of yourself. Be great again like you were back in 2010.

There's not much point in watching the remaining matches, although I'm curious about Harry Kane from England I hope he can achieve something great with his team.

I've known the guy since I played FIFA17 a little back then

And also there's Mbappe, the guy reminds me of Ronaldo de Lima, I had my doubt when I first heard about him. Usually I don't believe in the media but when I saw it for myself I have hope. France 2016 wasn't great just as England usually is, a product of the media. But France 2018 is definitely something after the last match. I hope the early success won't be his downside, not becoming a second Owen.

Young man you've got yourself a great path towards the future, don't be spoiled by it.

I'd be damned if both England and France got kicked out in later stage.
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