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Project AETHER: First Contact | Cheat Engine Table v1.0

Project AETHER: First Contact v1.00 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0, [2020-2-26] COLONELRVH | May not work on other version.
- Features -
  • [Battle]
    • Unlimited HP
    • Unlimited Dash
    • Unlimited Heal Items
    • 0 Heat
The game isn't bad but the mechanic is questionable. It's the same concept of Mighty Number 9 failure, you deal damage but not enough to kill it, then charge in to detonate the target. It's not fun to play with. 

I was hoping another Astebreed but this feel like a cheap knockoff, well except for the mech, damn the mech in the main menu looks nice, but the gameplay just can't show it like the way Astebreed did.

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- Download -

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