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There was a burglary yesterday

It was the early morning, around 4 AM. I was sleeping and heard our dogs bark a loud running noise. I immediately got a bad hunch and opened my eyes, ready for a fight if there is. I saw a shadow flashed by near the door of the balcony. My family rushed to it but we didn't see anything next, it was a big confusion and my father told me it probably a cat. My mind wasn't clear at that point, I just kept checking the street from the balcony but again there's nothing. Although my mother said she saw some flashlight in front of the main door but I can't see anything. I went back and check our laptop, phones and desk drawer. They were still there and there's no sign of tampering. I thought everything was okay but then I saw an empty black bag near the bathroom. My father has no idea what's in it and how it got there. I went back the balcony and in the far sight on the street I saw a man and seems he was looking back at our house. I couldn't see his face, medium height, light blue shirt, but that act can only meant he is the real culprit. The street was dead silent, we didn't scream either because of heavy confusion. By the time I saw and realized that, he already far away. There's no point screaming, there's no way we can catch him as I also thought we didn't lose anything. So we went back to sleep with all doors lock tight till the morning...

I woke up by the call of my mother to check on all things again because my sister lost a bag, It was 7 AM. Again nothing else is missing, she lost her money, bank card & licenses. Ironically It was the money I lent her last month, around $220. She was collecting the money to pay me back near the end of this month. I then told them about the guy I saw earlier, described him exactly that and told them to report to the police. I was shocked but didn't realize that till today. I felt like I was on autopilot trying to distract myself from what happened. I didn't realize how terrified i was till last night, the further into the night the fear sipping in. I can barely sleep.

 It's all start with a bad habit of leaving a balcony door for some cool night wind. It's a hot country, we just moved here few months ago. We used to sleep with our dogs nearby, there was a big vent and we left the door to it open in the previous house. The dogs are still not used to this one so we have to leave them down stair. Horrible mistake looking back, I'm still terrified by the thought of what if the burglar had a knife and desperate, then I might no longer be here.

 I really want some break, but life must continue. Ever since the virus outbreak, slowly day by day I'm starting to become the only workforce of the family, most have to stop working due to government restricting the workplaces. It can't be helped.
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