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Dreamscaper: Prologue | Cheat Engine Table v1.0

Dreamscaper: Prologue v0.8.7.0 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0, [2020-4-10] COLONELRVH | May not work on other version.
- Features -
  • [Main]
    • [Pointers+]
    • Unlimited HP
    • Unlimited MP
    • Unlimited Sand
    • Unlimited Keys
    • Unlimited Bombs
    • Unlimited Arrows
  • [Extra]
    • Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
    • Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)
Not sure where's the interest in the game came from. The game seems not that special to me, except for the concept of lucid dream combat (even so it's kinda weird as lucid dreamer should have great control over their dream). And If it's lucid dream related, I'd expect something far more imaginative, like from Inception. Not just another average dungeon crawler with dream(not exactly) style.

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- Download -

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