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Lost Epic | Cheat Engine Table v1.0

Lost Epic v1.0.0 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0, [2021-06-06] COLONELRVH | May not work on other version.
- Features -
  • [Stats]
    • Unlimited Anima
    • Unlimited Skill Points [Update: Spend Skill Points]
  • [Battle]
    • Get HP Addresses
    • Unlimited Stamina
    • Instant Cooldown
  • [Extra]
    • Unlimited Items [Update: View Inventory]
    • Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
    • Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)
This is a good game, but it has the same problem most metroidvania games have. The combat gets very repetitive later on and the world feels kinda empty. Beware items script may crash game if you leave it on for too long.

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- Download -

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