Happy New Year 2022

Another year passed, there's been up and down like always, like my health start showing significant problems (High Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Dumb tooth-whytfisitcalledwisdomtooth?) and now I'm frequently at hospital to receive treatment. Hell I even got covid since July, it was a 10 days nightmare.

Still there were some good things too, I finally started investing and got some beginner luck, still learning. I didn't lose my job and got a deal with Guided Hacking which I will announce it soon. Also again you guys, the generous supporters. I'm not sure where would I be if it wasn't by your support. The year hadn't been kind, and I appreciate greatly that you are still here. Thank you.

Looking forward to a better year and I wish the best for you all, stay safe, be well.

Best Regards,

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