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ATOM RPG Trudograd v1.042 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0

ATOM RPG Trudograd v1.042 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0, [2022-02-23] COLONELRVH

What is ATOM RPG Trudograd?
ATOM RPG: Trudograd is a turn-based post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, which continues the story of ATOM RPG as a stand-alone sequel/expansion, and follows the traditions set by classic cRPGs such as the early Fallout and Wasteland titles.

ATOM RPG Trudograd gameplay includes:
The game has graphic violence (blood and partial dismemberment). The game features topics of drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse as well as some mature language and sexual themes.

ATOM RPG Trudograd was made by AtomTeam

This ATOM RPG Trudograd cheat table may not work on other version.
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- Features - 
What you can get with ATOM RPG Trudograd cheat engine table
  • [Stats]
    • Trade Deal Always Success
    • Unlimited Skill Points [Update: try to increase a skill stats]
    • Unlimited Characteristic Points [Update: try to increase a characteristic stats]
    • Unlimited Abilities Points [To Update: try to switch to new ability]
    • Multiply EXP Gains
    • 0 Cold
    • 0 Toxic/Poisoning
    • 0 Hunger
  • [Battle]
    • God Mode
    • Unlimited AP
    • No Reload
  • [Extra]
    • 0 Weight Inventory
    • Consumables don't decrease on use
    • Ignore Crafting Requirement [Activate: Try to craft once]
    • Sticky Item Quanity [Activate: Move item stack once]
Actually a nice game, just not my taste.

The Cheat Script

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