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Official Guided Hacking Partnership & Other Announcement

As some of you may have already noticed that "I" had been posting on Guided Hacking Forum for a few months. To be clear it was a staff on their site posting with my consent, that account is now named CheatScript.

Resources by CheatScript on GH you can check it out there.
I actually wanted to make this announcement along with featuring a GH affiliate ads but that deal fell through mostly due to blogger limitation. I do want to make transition to wordpress at some point, there's no real plan for it yet.
I'm aware of the backlash caused by their administration and if anything, I have a lot of respect for what they are providing to the community (even if some aren't free). Our relations go way back when Chris Fayte asked me to feature my table script on their Cheat The Game Youtube video. Though I haven't got the chance to talk much with him back then.
On another note, recently there's alot going on on my end so I'm mostly busy that I couldn't quite able to keep up with new games sometimes. So I hired a young talented university student to help me keep the site going and providing cheat table in his free time. He's posting under the name Sepp on TheCheatScript.

Please give him a warm welcome. All of Patreon donation is now his salary with a few more from my pocket to support his study. I'll definitely continue making table for you as well.
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