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Rogue Tower v1.0.15 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0

Rogue Tower v1.0.15 | Cheat Engine Table v1.0, [2022-03-25] COLONELRVH

What is Rogue Tower?
Rogue Tower is a tower defense game with roguelike elements and a continuously expanding path which you can influence. Unlock, build, upgrade, expand, defend.

Rogue Tower gameplay includes:
Every level of the game you must choose a direction to expand the path. The path will randomly twist turn and split often. Wrangle what control you can over it to influence the shape of the level and how far enemies must travel down each path to get to the tower. Do you want enemies from all the paths to come one at a time as to not over saturate your defenses? Or do you want all of the enemies to merge together for your AOE damaging towers?

Rogue Tower was made by Die of Death Games

This Rogue Tower cheat table may not work on other version.
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- Features - 
What you can get with Rogue Tower cheat engine table
  • [Stats]
    • Unlimited Gold [Update: Spend Gold]
    • Multiply Gold Get [Default: x7]
    • Get EXP Base Address [Update: Try to spend EXP]
    • Get Mana Address
      • Set Mana
      • Set Max Mana
    • Unlimited Tower HP
What's so good about this game? 

The Cheat Script

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