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About History of The Cheat Script

Finally after all these years the About page get a proper writing instead of just [Under Construction]. I finally got fruits of my hard work and it's nothing short of amazing that you're a part of it. I want to give my thank again to the all the patrons that been with the site, it wouldn't last till today if it wasn't for you.

With the team I currently have I will be able to improve the site and the tables going forward. And I'm thinking about making proper video and tutorial for the Help page that is still [Under Construction] just as About page was. I always convince myself the table instructions were enough but in truth I know it isn't. Part of that was this supposed to be a hobby only. But there are probably people that used to trainer won't know how to use cheat table, even though the hotkey feature in my tables are mostly the same as trainer.

Though that will still take sometimes but you can be sure the site is going forward and stays true to itself.

Best Regards,
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