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Electrician Simulator p20230602 | Cheat Engine Table v2.0

Electrician Simulator cheat engine

Electrician Simulator p20230602 | Cheat Engine Table v2.0, [2023-06-02] ColonelRVH

What is Electrician Simulator?
Play the role of an electrician and learn the basics of electricity. Just like in real life, fix broken stuff, assemble sockets, repair gamepads, remote controls, speakers, plugs, chandeliers, change light bulbs, and lay wires. Be sure to check everything twice, there is no room for mistakes!

Electrician Simulator gameplay includes:
Perform minor repairs, starting with replacing sockets and light bulbs, installing comprehensive systems in the houses of the customers, and repairing stuff or just laying wires. Sit down and relax in front of the computer as a virtual electrician, without the risk of physical electric shock! Learn the tricks of the trade and become the best professional this city has ever seen! Check down below for Electrician Simulator cheats that are available.

Electrician Simulator was made by Take IT Studio!

- Features -
What you can get to enjoy with Electrician Simulator cheat engine table, in case there's not any or limited in-game cheat code.
  • [Stats]
    • Get Money Data [Update: Un-view Inventory/Un-pause Game]
    • Multiply Money Get
    • Multiply EXP Gain
    • Unlimited Tool Usages
  • [Extra]
    • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]
  • [Game Speed]
    • Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
    • Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)
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Since when repair a device this tedious? I can't test the device without fully screw the cover in-place, what logic is this???

- Cheat Engine Table Download -
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Electrician Simulator - Table v1.0 - 2022/09/28

Electrician Simulator - Table v2.0 - 2023/06/03
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