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Happy New Year 2023

It's been quite a year this time, so rough with not just the economy but also the weather. I hope you are all well, I really appreciate that you're still with me. I was quite blessed in 2022, getting a new job at WeMod, able to refine my work quality more. I can hire my clan members to help with The Cheat Script, our tables are improved significantly this year. 

With years of experience and hard works poured into the table making. It now can last longer despite updates from the developer, we are very proud of the result. But still we kind of skeptical of it because, there's alot of people became a patron to contact us for updates. And as you know we currently operate on donation mostly. It is why again we are very grateful for those who stay with us.

Really looking forward to 2023, I hope the Ukraine war end soon so that we will unite and focus dealing with climate change.

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