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About Guidedhacking and The Cheat Script

I know a lot of people accursing Guidedhacking exploits content creators and the users but it's not the case. At least to me personally as a cheat maker. They contacted me first and I didn't do any volunteer job for them. Honestly I appreciate that they bought my tables even though in this scene there's a lot of sites just outright steal the creator's works. We have a healthy working business with Guidedhacking and later found out that our works are being paid fairly by them. I know that for a fact because later on we got some proposals from others.

As for Guidedhacking itself, I haven't read all of their tutorials but from what I see on their Youtube channel. Their content are quite good and practical, and it's crazy that some are free which I consider them as "trade secret". They even hired Stephen Chapman, the best cheat engine teacher on Youtube in my opinion while still allowing him to keep his old tutorials free. His tutorials were what got me into working as a cheat maker and that says a lot about Guidedhacking. People might dislike the founder of Guidedhacking but the system there is great and there's a lot of dedicated people working for it. As far as I know, content on Guidedhacking is trustworthy. I still use their tool for my own work also, for example GH Unreal Engine Dumper made by PeaceBeUponYou, which even DarkByte (Cheat Engine Creator) recognized. 

And as all the tech related stuff, they will get obsolete at some point, there's no helping that. If they want to update it, they need the fund to keep going, and that's just how things are. Either you help paying the cost of living for the creators or they have to pay by themselves and get their attention elsewhere. Heck even I thought of abandon this work at some point, since I didn't have enough from donation to just to pay rent, that I did some other jobs at the same time. Even at this moment I still consider the future of The Cheat Script is rather uncertain as there's no good sign of recovering on Patreon just yet. If anything we would like to stand on our own from the donation on Patreon but it's very rough.

I'm glad there's still people with us during this hard time. Thank you.
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