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We are switching to Ko-fi after the fallout with Patreon

As some of you already knew. Our Patreon page has been shutdown without a clear reason why. It happened on Tuesday and ever since then they did not show any goodwill toward us. We have been using the platform for more than 5 years, we were among the most active creators on their platform and it sadden us to see how it ended. No prior warning at all, they shut us down and then email telling us to f*** off.

This was their latest reply and they haven't message us back ever since.

And it happened right when our economy doesn't look good. We know it's tough for everyone but we have to make a decision fast. So I created a Ko-fi page:
We asked some of our supporters and it seems Patreon didn't refund them this month. So we understand it will be troublesome for some of you to switch and have to pay again for this month. So we will notify you again at the start of the next month. For the current supporters, if you have any concern or problem regarding the transition please contact me directly on Discord. We are unable to access to our patrons list since Patreon just deactivated our account completely so we can only announce this on our website and Discord server.

We really hope on your continuous support to keep us going. Losing Patreon was a huge blow for us. If miracle happens that we do get Patreon back in time, then we will refund our supporters on Ko-fi accordingly.
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