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Happy New Year 2024 We are doing very bad and need support

Another year, and it seems like we have to start from scratch. The last few months were filled with all kind of troubles. The biggest among them were how we lost our Patreon account and almost lost our account all together. What a disaster. 

We lost 90% of our donators and we've been struggled to keep going. I don't know why Ko-fi doesn't allow creator to publish their earning, but we make like 13 USD / month now from it. Can you survive a week with that amount? There was a goal status but it's accumulation not monthly like Patreon, Ko-fi doesn't make sense at all.

It's a vicious cycle, everything costs nowadays and it doesn't get cheaper. I can see why a lot of free services went extinct over the years. We already have to pay for our own necessities, then there's the costs of hardwares, internet... Yet a lot of people still expect a lot more efforts from us. Like, How? If we have to shutdown our service some day. You know the reason why.

In the mean time I would like to say thanks for those who had switched and continued to support us. It means a lot to us in time like this. Although we are no where enough to match the monthly cost. I want to wish for the better but it looks very hopeless right now.

We wish our current and future supporters a happy new year and the best for you and your family.
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